corporate social responsibility


At Oswal, we believe in taking our corporate social responsibilities beyond the mandates and are committed to give back to society, recognizing how much well we owe it. We actively look for opportunities to help and support the needy and the under served in various areas of human life: education, healthcare, culture, spirituality and more.

Oswal and Extramarks Education Foundation (EEF) have joined hands with a view to improve the quality of education by providing high quality digital learning solutions to poor and underprivileged students under their project PEHAL.


Taken from Hindi language, ‘Pehal’ means – initiating, starting, beginning…

PEHAL aims at:

  • Effective learning through digital classrooms
  • Bringing equity in education
  • Enhancing learning outcomes
  • Making learners future ready

It is an initiative for quality education for the underprivileged by Extramarks Education Foundation (EEF). It goes beyond the classrooms by providing after school learning solutions through Tabs, which consequently eliminates the need of any extra study help after school and thereby enhancing the learning outcomes of students.

Not only students, but it works for both ways by providing comprehensive training to the teachers of adopted schools in digital technology. They are periodically trained at new learning content and teaching methodologies.

Hence, the focus is to have an impressive, unique adoption and sustainability model of Education for the underprivileged.

PEHAL co-opts army veterans and the martyrs’ dependents for seamless implementation of the project. Their participation in the endeavor brings in the commitment, value system and discipline in the schools where the project is implemented.


PEHAL has a comprehensive initiative to provide total digital learning solution for during and after school learning to its students. The Company had contributed Rs. 1,84,07,100 to the Project Pehal during the FY 2020-21. This contribution was used towards purchase of 620 licenses of learning apps for 10 classes.